Created With Love and Care

By: Theresa Floyd

Who We Are

       Hola! I obtained my degree in Early Childhood Education and had a wonderful opportunity to open my own preschool in 1993. Providing my students with learning opportunities to explore, engage, and be inspired through play gave way to laying the foundation and pathways for continued learning.

       Intentional teaching has always been my objective in establishing a learning environment for young children. Intentional teaching is an active process that embraces and builds on the strengths of a child or children in a classroom.

        With my years of experience teaching young children I have seen the benefits of purposeful interactions, providing invitations to play using thought provoking learning materials and modeling how to become problem solvers by asking questions. I have had endless opportunities in my career to make a difference in the lives of young children. I consider this a privilege.

         Today, I’m embarking on a new quest by providing children with an invitation of intentional learning with My Busy Learning Book. Let the learning begin. 

Inspired by

Ryder K

        The idea for My Busy Learning Book (MBLB) was inspired by Ryder’s ongoing love for learning new information, ideas and concepts.

         My Busy Learning Book provides opportunities for a child to interact with pages of activities that will engage their curiosity and learning abilities.

         As parents and caregivers, we are our children’s first teachers. Likewise, we know firsthand the importance of praise and how it can be the catalyst to spur on continued learning. MBLB gives you and your child opportunities for ongoing conversation and praise! “Kiss your brain” is a phrase I often use with young children when a connection is made with a new idea or concept. Now it’s your turn to do the same!

          MBLB is geared for children approx. 2.9 years and older. An added feature is pages can be added to the book as your child grows in their learning and understanding of new concepts. MBLB also provides a stepping stone to learning a second language. There are some pages in both English and Spanish. Studies show that learning a second language is amazingly stimulating for the brain and may help a child’s development in many social and academic areas.

        What a fun and engaging opportunity for your child to jump on the learning train! Get onboard as your child embraces each page as a ticket to ongoing learning with My Busy Learning Book.

Let the Learning Begin!

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